Review: Avene Eluage Cream

Avene Eluage Cream (photo from Avene website)

Avene Eluage Cream (photo from Avene website)

Avene’s Eluage cream is one of the few products that actually worked on my skin. I started off using Renova, pretty powerful stuff with tretinoin, and was rather crestfallen when I found that I couldn’t get it anymore. As a sign of my desperation, I even wrote to the factory in Thailand, which confirmed that it had stopped producing it.

I didn’t feel secure buying it over the Internet so I searched for a substitute retinoid. But Rectanyl and Stieva-A didn’t really produce the same effect, a lot of peeling with no improvement.

Along came Eluage. It’s not as strong but it did help in smoothing out my skin and cleared out the gunk from my pores. I bought it together with the eye cream because they were packaged together on offer. However, the product is rather pricey. I paid more than S$90 for the cream, with the eye cream thrown in.

A word of caution, there may be some stinging and you have to use sunblock during the day. Also, I experienced a minor breakout in the early days of using it before the skin cleared. I also found that I couldn’t use it too near my eyes as it made them rather dry.

Some users complained about the scent and the peach colour on forums, but that didn’t bother me. All in all, it was worth the splurge for me.

However, after 2 bottles there was diminishing marginal utility and I was off to find new products.

The ingredients are:

  • Avène Thermal spring water (5%)
    – Soothes and softens
  • Retinaldehyde (0.05%)
    – Smoothes away fine lines and wrinkles, improves skin’s radiance
  • HAF (0.5%)
    – Aids in plumping and firming the skin

For a more in-depth explanation on the use of retinoids and retinaldehyde, rather than reading my mangled explanation, do check out this web page.


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