Finally, Ant Poison That Works!

For a long while, I had been convinced that the ants in my kitchen were really smart. When I planted ant poison at their usual hangouts, they would only sniff at the grey plastic box for a little while, never venturing in. Or they would circumvent these altogether, probably grumbling that they now had to take a roundabout route to get home.

But really, they were starting to be a real nuisance. They were sneaky (appearing from nowhere and disappearing into nowhere) and left long snaky trails that led again to nowhere. I hated it especially when they appeared on the counter top, where the kettle sits, cos they seemed to be coming out of the kettle, and I once discovered they were hiding in there! Horrors!

I always had to stop my cooking and cleaning to go on an ant hunt….. I would spray Baygon on the tiny crevices they disappeared into, but they just wouldn’t barge from their nest. I was convinced there was a whole network of ant trails in the walls of my house.

Enough of ant rant.

Ant bait

Ant bait

This ant poison that my friend introduced to me was the potion that I needed. It’s the Terro-PCO Liquid Ant Bait by Nisus and costs about S$8 at the Meidi-ya Supermarket. All I needed was to twist the yellow cap, pour a drop or so at strategic spots, and wait for the ants to stop and savour the honey-like substance. I don’t think it smells or tastes like honey though – but I didn’t dare to sniff it.

After minutes of putting down the poison, the ants started coming to it in droves. Soon, I had more ants than I dared to count. And they all seemed to take their own sweet time to imbibe the nectar. A couple of hours later, I checked again and they were still at it. I was starting to despair that they would never go home.

The next day – I checked again, of course. Lo and behold … the ants had left and not come back! I was happy, very happy. And relieved. So it is true – when Lin said that this thing really worked for her.

Wait… but I still see the odd ant roaming about. I wonder whether they are the few survivors of my ant extermination exercise?


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