My favourite place for recipes

In my previous life, I wasn’t just a bad cook. I couldn’t cook at all. I had no interest in messing around with chicken parts or fish gills, and even although I was very keen on baking, nothing came out of the oven except rock-hard muffins and blobs that tried to pass themselves off as cookies.

Anyway, you can’t be a mama too long before you are forced to cook something. So I have, over the years, gotten better at it.

Some time back, I was introduced to noobcook. It’s a blog-style website put together by this Singaporean gal, a self-confessed noob that nevertheless has put together a good variety of recipes for other noobs to follow. I grew to like her simple, almost fail-safe recipes, her precision in measurements and the local flavour of the blog (if she can find some obscure ingredient in a local supermarket, it means I can too!) The fact that she is a newbie is also a plus point for me (if she can do it, so can I!)

So I have time and again gone to her blog to check out new recipes or dug out her archives. I also subscribe to her feeds which she sends once or twice a week. Grilled saba fish, baked cod fish with garlic butter, angel hair pasta … they have all turned out quite well. The blueberry muffins (above) are easy to make and surprisingly yummy. Recently I tried baked rice with broccoli and sausages and my children gave it the thumbs up as well.

One-dish wonder: baked rice with broccoli and sausages

New to cooking soups, I have also come to rely on her Chinese soup recipes for detailed instructions.  Who knew snow fungus and pear soup could be so delicious?

Do check out for some ideas!



  1. kkkoh

    The blueberry muffins look yummy!

  2. leechingshen

    This is as inspiring to me as KK’s pineapple tarts entry..I must venture into the kitchen more often.

  3. kkkoh

    I just saw a recipe for bak kwa. Just what I was thinking of!

  4. haha, i didn’t know it can be done at home too! but i don’t love it enough to want to diy. And better for me not to know what goes into it, heh heh.

  5. kkkoh

    I love bak kwa and it’s so expensive these days.

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