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Homebaked Italian Herb bread

Homebaked Italian Herb bread

I first found out about the existence of bread machines when I was in university. It was a fellow student who told me she made her own bread. I filed that away under amazing but relatively useless fact. So it was a long time before I thought about a bread machine. It was only after I had my first child that the bread machine came to mind.

Homebaked Italian Herb breadI was one of those zealous mothers who was very conscious of what went into her toddler’s mouth. I made my own cereal and fed her fresh food. So I decided even the bread had to be freshly made. Hubby bought me a Sanyo one Christmas (many years ago) and I pored over the manual.

It’s not really a must-have machine in a home but it’s nice to know what goes into my bread. There are no preservatives so the bread does turn mouldy rather quickly. The machine came with a recipe book and there are so many varieties of bread that it can churn out — Italian herb bread, lemon berry bread, light rye bread, banana bread, cranberry orange bread, foccacia…doesn’t it make your mouth water?

Homebaked Italian Herb breadIt can also make dough for pasta, pizza, bread rolls. It’s relatively simple to use. Just measure the ingredients laid out in the recipe book in the order they’re specified, turn it on and in 2-3 hours you have fresh bread. There have been disasters along the way — when I was distracted while measuring and got the proportions wrong, when I forgot to add the “arm” that kneads the bread or hubby turning off the switch while the bread was baking.

The smell of freshly baked bread is heavenly!

Homebaked Italian Herb Bread

Homebaked Italian Herb Bread



  1. this is tempting! no need for kneading and rolling?

  2. kkkoh

    Nope! All you have to do is measure the ingredients and put them in. The machine does all the rest. Unless you want to make bread rolls or pizza bases, then you have to roll out the dough.

  3. mamatimesguest

    hmmm…my bread machine is not with me, loan it to a friend. I miss preservative-free bread. But the bread is rather moist and turns mouldy rather fast.

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