Fun with sun sprays

I don’t enjoy applying lotion on the body. It always feel quite icky. And unlike the face, the body has such a large area to cover. I’m too lazy.

But with sunblock, I know I have to be more industrious.

So imagine my delight when I saw this sun block in spray form by Mentholatum – Sunplay UV Body Mist Sunblock SPF80 PA++.

What caught my eye was the bright orange can and the SPF 80 sign. I have never come across SPF 80 anything!

This is not the first time I have used sunblock in a spray format. One I tried was hard to use because some of the lotion would get jammed at the nozzle. Or sometimes, the nozzle became too wet and slippery and I had to use two hands to press on it. Another spray bottle I tried from Neutrogena smelled a bit too strong of alcohol, although it was very cooling.

When I first used the Sunplay one, I walked out of the bathroom wondering what perfume I had put on. It smelt really nice! And the spray mechanism is good – no fuss. I still need to rub a bit to distribute the sunblock but overall it’s ok.

I went on the website and realised that this SPF 80 thing is actually formulated for sportsmen or those who spend all their time at the beach or under the sun. Well, I don’t, but I guess that’s not a big problem. SPF 80 just means it covers me longer and I don’t have to reapply right?

The downside is the cost. At $17.90, it doesn’t seem expensive but I think I’m running down the bottle quite fast. Maybe a month or two? Well, I expected it to last longer.

Oh, and in the car, I put a tube of sunblock too. The one I’m currently using is Boscia’s Daily Hand Revival Therapy SPF 15. It has a nice consistency – not too runny, and has a pleasant non-fragrance “fragrance”. I just have to apply at major road junctions only so I don’t get any residue left on my palms while handling the wheel!



  1. kkkoh

    Where do you get the Boscia sunblock?

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