Vegetarian rice at Golden Shoe

Vegetarian rice at Golden Shoe

Vegetarian rice at Golden Shoe

I’m not a vegetarian but on the days I don’t feel like eating meat, I head for My Vegetarian Way at the Golden Shoe food centre in Market Street (#03-24).

Some people may call it “rabbit food” but there’s something very refreshing about biting into the crunchy vegetables. The seasonings used are subtle, there’s hardly any oil and there’s something very wholesome about the food.

The menu changes everyday but there’s bound to be a rice set. I always go for the rice because I love brown rice, but on certain days there are noodles, porridge or sandwiches.

I reckon some people eat there every day because every time I go, which may be once or twice a week, the same women are there (I’ve yet to spot a man eating the food!).

Once one of them told me smugly the food had run out because it was the first day of the new lunar month, which I gathered is when more people eat vegetarian food. But I can’t keep track so there are some days when I turn up and there’s no more rice set left for me. Sob!



  1. i see that there’s none of those mock meats! heehee

  2. kkkoh

    No mock meats for me!

  3. mamatimesguest

    i prefer vegetarian bee hoon but they usually have the mock meat.

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