Where I Run

Once or twice a week, after I have dropped off the girls at school, I will put on my running shoes and head somewhat grudgingly for a jog.

A few minutes’ drive later, and I am transported into the nature reserve that is the Lower Peirce Reservoir.

When I first started running there last year, hubby was worried about me entering a forested area at about 7am. Haha, little did we know that the place is already crowded at that time! There are always two or three groups of qigong or taiji practitioners in the open area next to the reservoir, old and not-so-old folks on their morning walks, and recreational runners like myself. I have come to spot all the regulars, even Fann Wong’s father – I suspect they are there every day. Without fail, I also always pass by the “yoga man” every time – he with this downward dog and other yoga poses. I always feel like an elephant when I thunder past him.

nice change of scenery at every turn

What draws me to the reservoir is the tranquil scenery as I run along the wooden platform, the rugged uphill/downhill traipse through the “jungle” and the greenery all round. I am always struck by the beauty, more so because it is so accessible. Haha, but there are dangers too! I have made abrupt turnarounds because I didn’t dare go past a family of monkeys or a group of stray dogs.

About 30-40 minutes into the run, I will see that the sun is just about high enough, making it too hot to go on. Just the perfect excuse to go home and enjoy my morning coffee.



  1. kkkoh

    The tranquility must take a few extra calories off. Where I run is so unglamorous in contrast! Round the kids’ primary school. Heh.

  2. mamatimesguest

    The photos look so much like Macritchie. Didn’t know Lower Pierce has the boardwalk. Good job! That certainly requires lots of discipline and some motivation. I hardly use the treadmill even when i go to the gym.

  3. haha, i guess a rainforest-cum-reservoir can’t look all that different from another.
    Yup, i also don’t like running on the treadmill.

  4. mamatimesguest

    I rather use the cross trainer.

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