Look Fab

Angie Cox gives practical advice on how to look good on her website www.youlookfab.com. I enjoy reading her tips because they’re sensible and ahem…age appropriate. She doesn’t go for outrageous or plunging, and sticks to classic, chic combinations.
Belted Dress

Belted Dress

Outfit Suggestions for Moms

Outfit Suggestions for Moms

I find some of her advice really useful, including don’t buy skirts if you don’t have anything to match them with unless you can get the whole outfit at the same time.I have so many skirts I rarely wear.
I succumb in moments of weakness because they’re so pretty but realistically I rarely have anything to wear them with or I simply have no idea how to match them.
I always think I can bring them home and then later look for something to match them with.
Casual Jeans and T-Shirt, but Still Buttoned Up

Casual Jeans and T-Shirt, but Still Buttoned Up

She calls them orphans and trust me, I have many of them. So this is one piece of advice I’m taking to heart.

She has lots of tips on how to wear cropped pants, midi dresses, jackets over dresses, belts etc accompanied by photos so you know what she’s talking about.

Obviously, some of the outfits aren’t very weather appropriate since they are meant for colder climates and not all of her suggestions look good to me (including that orange argyll sweater). But I enjoy looking at the photos too. Angie also has a whole section giving advice to moms on the go. She calls them Flop Proof outfits.



  1. looks like a site i should check out! recently i tried to look up some websites that give advice on how to dress for your body type, and one of them says that people with longer torso-shorter legs (hello, me!) should avoid cropped pants. haha… i’m gonna check out this site for more tips.

  2. kkkoh

    Hey that’s me too. I keep on wearing cropped pants because I see other people looking so nice in them but somehow I know I look weird. Angie suggested heels which i think will help. She also said to tuck in but don’t you find that with long torso it’s hard to tuck stuff in?

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