Hi-Cal Milo

I am a little obsessive about two things – SPF and calcium. The more, the better. I rue the day that I discover permanent dark blotches on my face; but then, if I am bent all over, even I will not be able to notice that!

Yes, I think about these two quite a bit, but I am also quite lazy, so I hardly eat my calcium supplements and I neglect the sunblock more than I should.

Recently, I discovered these cans of Milo that scream “Hi-Cal”. When I looked up the nutritional info panel, I saw it had 300mg of calcium per can. Not bad. Especially when a small bottle of Meiji milk can command only about 200mg. The Meiji yoghurt I have been buying didn’t even measure up to 200mg.

So now my grocery trips consist of lugging Hi-Cal milo cans home. Not every supermarket has it, so when I see it, I tend to hoard a few six-packs at a time.

The children love it. They have a ready supply of cold Milo (plus a good boost of energy), and I don’t have to make cold Milo for them in the morning (boil water, scoop powder, add hot water, stir stir stir, wrestle with ice trays, knock out ice cubes, add them to hot Milo – so tedious). Personally I also love the taste.

Of course, my grocery bills are now at an unhealthy range. At $4.90 per six-pack, it’s not exactly economical. A whole bag of powder probably costs $8 and makes infinite cups of Milo. Tsk tsk.

But I figured it’s good for the kids, for their bones and all. It’s calcium, you know.



  1. kkkoh

    We all have our little obsessions!

  2. mamatimesguest

    What’s the difference between this and the packets ones with straw? Or even those that comes in satchets? Is this more high Cal?

  3. The calorie count per 100ml is DOUBLE.
    So for the packet ones, it’s 60mg of calcium per 100ml. But for Hi-Cal, it’s 120mg per 100ml.
    Each can of Hi-Cal thus has 300mg.
    I think kids need 500mg a day, so 2 cans will easily cover their calcium requirement – without forcing any supplement down their throat.

  4. sorry, i mean the CALCIUM count… !!

  5. mamatimesguest

    OK that’s so cool.

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