Arm candy – bracelets

My ease-into-the-day reading diet includes Their sole mission is to simplify life, so I always appreciate their how-to tips, from cleaning household items to repurposing old stuff for new uses.  It also helps that they put together various skincare beauty or fashion finds.

Today, I was drawn to a mini-collection of classic, largely monochromatic outfits – like this one:

After I have admired the lovely pleats on this dress, I started eyeing the art deco bracelet and followed the link to the website,

Quite a few interesting pieces there. At mostly $20+ to 30+, the prices aren’t too daunting either.

I like the beaded ones too. This raspberry-hued beaded item looks so delicious!!! Not sure if it will fit my wrist though, especially since I can’t tell if it’s elastic.


One comment

  1. kkkoh

    Very nice jewellery! I love the chunky pieces. The bracelet doesn’t look like it’s elastic, I would guess it’s the kind where you can loosen and tighten by pulling the ends of the dangling strings. Elastic tends to break after a while.

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