I love the Soup Spoon.

Chicken Cacciatore Soup

Chicken Cacciatore Soup

I find that these days I don’t have the stomach for overly spicy meals, or strong-tasting food. A nice hot bowl of soup with crusty bread is really comforting. The Soup Spoon has many branches but I usually dine at the one nearest to my office in the Raffles Place MRT.

Initially I went for the clam chowder soup until they started putting up calorie numbers for their soups and I discovered it has one of the highest, at 425 cal. I try to go for soups which have a combination of meat and vegetables because they’re more filling so some of my favourites are the Tokyo Chicken Stew and the Simon and Garfunkel Chicken Ragout.

Mushroom Soup

Mushroom Soup

The restaurant also changes its special menu every month, I’m told, which adds some freshness. In last month’s menu, I tried the Broccoli Mac and Cheese but horrors it has 433 cal! The Chicken Cacciatore (try pronouncing that!) With Portobello and Sage is also very tasty. All the soups come with a small bun. There’s also a set menu that throws in other items such as a salad and a drink.

The store has other items on its menu that I’ve not tried, including sandwiches and salads. Why go to a place called Soup Spoon and eat sandwiches is my reasoning.


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  1. The mushroom soup looks delightful. Somehow, though, i can’t think of soup and bread as a complete meal. I will feel quite “gelat” after a while and crave something else, like pasta or (hehehe) sandwich?? So ya, I will probably be one to go to soup spoon for sandwiches!

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