Strawberry shortcakes from Antoinette

Strawberry shortcakes from Antoinette

I went for dinner with seventeeneleven at a pseudo French restaurant Antoinette at Penhas Road after a meeting last week. Pseudo because the food we had wasn’t very French and the decor was rather sickeningly sweet with pastel coloured furniture matching the pastries on display at a table and counter right at the front of the shop. The cameo logo also completed the whole pretentious effect.

Lollipop cake

Lollipop cake

The food wasn’t anything to shout about but the prices were. I guess we didn’t pick the signature dishes but other than the titles in French, the menu didn’t strike me as being particularly French. We ordered the Burger Antoinette and the Club Honey Baked Ham, which were ok, nothing special.

Also, as hubby pointed out, the name Antoinette isn’t very auspicious, since the queen got her head lobbed off.

However, the piece de resistance (see, I know some French too) came when we ordered tea. Since we saw that the tea came in a rather big pot, we thought we could share as we didn’t want too much tea at that late hour.

Our orange pekoe pot of tea came with one cup and one saucer. We looked at the single cup and looked at the waitress and asked for another cup. She looked at us and said with finality it only comes with one cup.

Well, we want to share! In that case, there will be no hot water for us. The shop’s policy is if we want to share they will not refill the tea pot with hot water. Well, we didn’t ask for hot water, we only asked for another cup.

Other pastries

Other pastries

The pot of tea cost an eye-watering $7.50 and it came with a tea bag, not even tea leaves. Sniff! That snafu totally killed our mood. Before that we were prepared to overlook being buried in cotton candy decor but not after the hot water/tea cup episode.

We also shared the dessert of strawberry shortcake, which again, wasn’t anything remarkable. For its out-of-the-way location, not worth another visit.

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