The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation

I was attracted to the Body Shop’s liquid foundation because I wanted to try a mineral makeup, given all the hype about how it’s better for the skin. But I can’t really see any difference with normal makeup.

Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals

This foundation, at S$36.90, is more reasonably priced compared with the Nars tinted moisturiser. It also has SPF 30, which is great because a lot of foundations have SPF that are less than 30.

Body Shop says it’s made with pure mineral pigments, extra virgin olive oil and marula oil so it offers 14 hours of moisturisation.

I don’t know about 14 hours because I don’t think I want to wear it for that long, but it is rather moisturising. I find that my skin doesn’t dry up in my air-conditioned office.

The texture is thicker so it has much better coverage as it’s a foundation and not a tinted moisturiser. However, because it’s thicker it’s also less comfortable. I use it for days when I feel I need greater coverage.

The Body Shop claims that it’s supposed to give a dewy look but to me that just means it’s a tiny bit shinier. Sometimes I apply some loose powder over it, which is a bit more troublesome. Especially since I hate loose powder, which flies everywhere.

The biggest negative about this foundation is the smell. Because of the olive oil, it has a strange scent, although over time I suppose one can get used to it.

It has six shades, which seems rather few to me. The salesgirl helped me choose mine, Rose Vanilla, which does match my skin.

Within the same range there is a cream compact foundation and loose powder foundation. I didn’t pick them because their SPF is less than 30.


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