Orange-spinach salad

I have been having an orange craving. Several weeks back, I made orange-cranberry muffins. They did turn out ok, though not as fluffy as I would have liked.

Then last week, I had a bbq at my place and wanted to whip up a salad. Orange came to mind. Specifically, KK’s orange salad which she had made for a gathering last year. So after checking with her, I managed to get the ingredients and cobbled together something similar.

Some modifications were made, cos Hubby had his own idea of what the salad should be like. So instead of using balsamic vinegar, he asked me to use an additional citrus fruit – “the fruits will be sour enough”, he said. He also recommended sunflower seeds, but I didn’t feel very birdy, so I used walnuts. And I added cherry toms, totally forgetting about the cranberries.

So here it is: orange-spinach salad using:
– A punnet of Wash n Toss spinach from FairPrice Finest (wild rocket is good too)
– Two oranges
– One grapefruit
– Two handfuls of cherry tomatoes
– Lashing of walnuts mixed with some orange juice and olive oil, whipped with cracked pepper

The worst part of this salad is peeling the oranges. I didn’t know that everything had to be peeled. No white bits at all. That was messy and time-consuming. The grapefruit was easier – it didn’t cling to the pith as stubbornly.

The salad went down well with my friends. One salad lover said it was very good. Another friend, a meat-lover, found it attractive enough to help herself to a serving. Alas, she wasn’t converted. When I asked her how it was, she chomped on the leaves dutifully and struggled to find the right words, “It’s, um, fresh. And healthy!”



  1. kkkoh

    That looks really yummy. Orange cranberry always seem to be mentioned together. It looks like it has more orange segments than mine did because I gave up peeling so many.

  2. katherine61

    i like it. Healthy and fuss free..something do-able.

  3. do your kids love salads?

  4. kkkoh

    Mine definitely don’t. Vegetables + sour = big NO

  5. katherine61

    No, mine don’t either. Think they don’t like the sour dressing.

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