Organic Argan Oil

I have eczema that flares up once every few months. It is itchy, irritating and leaves unsightly scars all over the limbs, especially on my legs. The scars hardly have time to heal and fade before the next attack strikes.

I was at the nail salon last week when the technician recommended me a bottle of pale-looking oil that she said was very effective for another customer with the same skin condition. I normally hated it when they started shoving products in my face, but because she had been really nice during all my previous visits, I decided to take a look. It is actually a massage oil blended with argan oil from a French label called Natur-Aroma. I didn’t know much about it so I decided to sneak in some research on my iPhone while she buffed and polished away.

Wow, this “gold of Morocco” – as argan oil is known – seems like a wonder product. It is said to be rich in essential fatty acids (skin vitamins) and is great as an anti-wrinkle treatment for the face. A versatile product that is not only beneficial for the face and body but also good for fortifying hair and even nails. Reviews seem to indicate that it is good for eczema too. Suddenly I wanted it!

When I realised there are many kinds of 100% pure argan oil out there, I decided to look for it.

Today, while at the nearby myVillage at Serangoon Gardens, I popped into this store called Organic Basics. Was happy that it had what I was looking for. The Lovea bottle (also from France) was going at a reasonable $29 for 50ml, so I got it. The owner was very “on” and recommended me a whole lot of other organic stuff, like castille soap, face powder with SPF and even pouches made presumably from organic cotton. Thankfully my will was quite strong today so I limited myself to that one product. She gifted me a sample bottle of dishwashing liquid that can be used to clean vegetables as well, and another tiny sample of rash/wound cream.

Anyway, back to argan oil. It’s only Day 1 and so far, I have applied once on my legs, and quite liberally too. The oil smelt like olives – not the best smell in the beauty department but not repulsive either. Also smoothed a few drops on my hair. It is easily absorbed and didn’t leave any odour or greasy feeling.

I’ll try to be more hardworking and remember to apply every night. Let’s see if it can help give relief to my dry, scaly skin. Some people use it on their face for an antioxidant boost… hmm, let me think about it first. Don’t want any breakouts!



  1. kkkoh

    I bought argan oil from Amazon. Mine smells like sesame seed oil! I read recently in the paper Sephora started selling the Josie Maran line.

  2. what do you use the argan oil for? Ya i read about the josie maran line. supposedly very pricey right?

  3. kkkoh

    Very pricey Famous name I guess. I bought to use on hair but it’s too greasy for me. I think it works best for people with thick or curly hair. I now use it like an eye cream! Sometimes I use on whole face.

  4. maybe can massage on the neck too!

  5. kkkoh

    It seems like one-for-all cure! Hair, nails, skin. La Mer might as well go out of business. Oh did you read that in the past Berber women would wait for goats to eat the nuts and pass them out before collecting so the nuts would be softer? Did it help your dry skin?

  6. Eeeuk! Hope they don’t do that now! I think the oil does tame my flyaway hair! As for skin, can’t tell yet…

  7. kkkoh

    I don’t think they do anymore. Heh. I hope not! Argan is supposed to be good for skin. But if it doesnt help, you can consider rose hip oil.

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