Bling Bling Central

Strands of pearlsMention the word shopping and People’s Park Centre wouldn’t automatically come to mind. The shopping centre is seedy and run down, filled with dodgy massage shops, travel agents, dingy holes offering scary eyebrow tattoos, dessert stalls, not to mention a Chinese medicine hall with animal body parts. I bet it hasn’t changed since I was a kid. But in today’s world of spanking new trendy malls, People’s Park Centre is a novelty! Not to be confused with People’s Park Complex, which is also full of character.

Rolls of laceAll kinds of beads
People’s Park Centre is also a treasure trove for someone like me who loves her bling. It has many shops selling all sorts of “notions” (as my American colleague calls it) that satisfy crafty old me. If you are looking for a piece of lace to perk up your outfit or some Swarovski crystals to bling up your phone, this is the place. I used to frequent Arab Street but this mall has air-conditioning and many more goodies.

Bling Bling CentralGolden Dragon sells pretty quilting material from Japan and lotsa wool if you are bitten by the knitting bug. It also offers knitting lessons if you buy their wool and I often see a group of women sitting around poring over their knits and purls. I admit I bought some yarn to knit but I’m not very patient and after it got snarled up cos I was too ambitious I was only too relieved to hand it off to my much-more accomplished mom who finished the feathery scarf for my daughter.

Sing Mui Heng appears to have 2 outlets in the centre, one focusing on sewing goodies and the other on beads. I’ve often bought beads and lace to sew on my outfits or beads for my daughter to make those dangly things to hang on phones for her friends.

There are also other shops whose names wouldn’t win any prizes for being hip, but they’re really good value for money for all the accessories you need to make your own jewellery.

I had to take these photos surreptitiously, the salesgirl started peering at me suspiciously after a while, probably thought I was from a rival shop. I bought a string of “pearls” and made a hasty exit.

I’ll show some of my finds next!



  1. katherine61

    Interesting, KK! Didn’t know you are into craft!!

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