Cooking with kids (or rather, with a kids’ cookbook)

I have been doing a fair bit of baking in the past two weeks. More than my usual, anyway. And it’s partly thanks to this book, which I got for my daughter at Page One’s closing down sale last year.

Several of the recipes caught my eye and they didn’t look too difficult, not when they have step-by-step illustrations to go with them.

(In fact, I would say that I baked successfully for the first time when my kids went to a Bakerzin baking party for children and came back with cupcakes to show for their endeavour. They also brought home a recipe for it which I then copied shamelessly. When my creations tasted like what they had brought home, I finally overcame my fear of baking.)

Still I am not a natural baker. I stick to recipes slavishly and hate it when they don’t state if they want softened butter or melted butter. Using a kids’ cookbook is quite convenient that way cos they simplify the steps for you. And if they don’t tell you what state of butter is required, it’s probably not important anyway.

So here are some of my recent exploits:
Mint choc chip cupcakes

These were actually miniature cupcakes. They didn’t look far off from the book’s pictures, but the frosting was a bit tricky to master. Ours was way too drippy…

I only had brown chocolate chips to decorate the cupcakes. The book had white and brown choc buttons, and white chocolate chips. The juxtaposition is very nice if you have them all.

Chocolate cake

This was a bit of a disaster cos at the last minute, I didn’t know what “folding in the egg whites” meant, so anyhow did it. And my pan was too big so the cake turned out shallow.

Carrot cake

My first time making a carrot cake, and this comes with lemon cheese frosting. This was choc-a-block with walnuts; next time I would add raisins too.

So voila…! Anyone needing a recipe? πŸ™‚



  1. kkkoh

    What did you use for the mint taste?

  2. a couple of drops of peppermint essence! the essence is clear, so had to put in a drop of green colouring to get that minty veneer, haha

  3. katherine61

    The carrot cake really looks yummy . I haven’t tried frosting yet. I used to skip this part but now i am slightly more confident so will try it. Its fun, right.

    • My friend cum neighbor said the carrot cake is good enough to sell! Ahem…. And he has very discerning taste buds. He says I shd consider selling my cakes. he says one whole carrot cake can go for 60 dollars. Hahaha! But you know it’s illegal to sell homemade cakes and stuff publicly cos it’s against NEA regulations. Anyone keen on opening a bakery or a baking “facility” that supplies cakes to cares etc?

  4. Oh kat, yes, I also used to skip the frosting part. I guess with more confidence, we are now able to upgrade our skills. πŸ™‚

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