Conquering Clutter

It’s true. I don’t collect clutter, things just pile up! The idea of having to organise a messy home is not a very appealing one, but sometimes, the urge to purge and pack is so strong it’s almost a calling – even if only for two hours. 

The inspiration came yesterday from Real Simple’s Storage Ideas for Small Spaces.

There were tips for setting up a junk drawer, a gift wrap center, an electronics bin etc. The trick is to (1) centralise everything related in one location, and then (2) divide and conquer. 


I already have a box for cables, chargers and anything wiry, but I have  always despaired over the little bits and blobs around the house. I tried to solve the problem once by getting a box for each of my daughters and telling them that all their odds and ends go there. But the boxes soon filled up and that was that.

So yesterday I retackled the task. I used a big red serving tray as the base, then laid a bamboo box, stationery divider, a pen holder and other smaller boxes in it. I wished I had matching bamboo boxes like what was shown on Real Simple! What came in useful were little acrylic see-through cubes from Phoon Huat that originally held my hubby’s strawberry mousse. 


In went the odds and ends – coins, staples, scissors, hair clips, paper clips, notebooks, cheque book, nano, ear piece…. I felt more organised immediately. The best part is being able to see at a glance where everything is. For that reason, this tray takes pride of place on my TV console, not hidden away in a drawer where I know chaos awaits.

But I also know things will pile up quickly and the little neatly divided and conquered territory may soon rebel under the weight of too many other occupants. And there are many more pockets of clutter around the house – the kids’ room, the study room, the kitchen. And if I get down to it, there will be a gift wrap center somewhere too!




  1. kkkoh

    My proudest moment was clearing out the storeroom last year. But it’s piling up again!

  2. katherine61

    The trick is to do it every now and then , not once and for all coz things do accumulate …my daughters are the biggest culprits. They buy buy buy and keep keep keep. My biggest project was last year when we renovated the house and threw away about 30 -40 bags. I got the stationary organsier from Ikea which is for drawers. It is good. I have 3 of them in 2 rooms. T

  3. ah must show photo of this stationery organiser!

  4. kkkoh

    I try to do it once a year because the Salvation Army comes with big bins.

  5. kkkoh

    I have more than enough junk to go around! So you intend to have a swap party this year too?

  6. katherine61

    Choo,let us know in advance the swap party ok?

  7. kkkoh

    I am trying desperately to cut down on my impulse buys!

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