Vegan Burg

Vegan Burg

Vegan Burg

Everything in Vegan Burg screams healthy. I’m not sure how true that is, but the whole tiny shop is peppered with posters that declare their buns are made from organic wholemeal grains, their patties are GMO/gluten/dairy free, their aim is to save the environment through a vegan diet etc. Surprisingly for rabbit food, it tastes pretty good.

When I first heard the word vegan quite long ago, I didn’t know what it meant. I just nodded my head at the girl who declared proudly to me that she was vegan. I thought it was a cult. But I have come a long way since then. While I’m not whole-heartedly vegetarian, nor do I have ambitions to reach so far as vegan, some days I feel like sparing the little animals. So I try on some days. Around my office there are some places which offer palatable vegetarian food.

Honestly, the patties at Vegan Burg do not taste like meat, but then I’m not really looking for meat when I eat there. As long as the food is tasty, I’m not particular. Most times I don’t eat burgers because I can’t take beef. So eating at Vegan Burg is a great alternative.

Vegan Burg meal

Vegan Burg meal

I’ve tried the Cracked Pepper Mayo, Smoky BBQ and Chargrilled Satay burgers. It’s a toss between the Cracked Pepper Mayo and the Satay burgers. The first is tasty while the latter has a nice touch of spices. I’m not a big fan of the BBQ because the sauce is overwhelming. I’ve also had the Rendang burger, which I gathered is a special, not a regular on the menu. It was quite yummy as well. Actually I like the buns, which taste quite fresh.

The minestrone soup is strong, although a tad too spicy. But I’m not a big fan of my soup served in a cardboard container even though I’m eating in. Not sure how healthy the fries are, despite the claim of organic seaweed flakes, because they were really salty. But the outlet offers a meal with a burger, fries and a drink. I wish it had more flexibility with the options in the meal.

Although I frequent the Golden Shoe outlet, I’ve discovered it has many branches! The founding restaurant is in Jalan Eunos and its other outlets are in Orchard Gateway, Marina Boulevard and the Grandstand. Vegan Burg also offers a delivery service. I guess vegan food is a bustling business.


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  1. The packaging looks nice. I usually have my burger fix from Mos – teriyaki chicken. 🙂

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