Decorate flip flops with crochet

Brightly coloured pair of Flip Flops.

Brightly coloured pair of Flip Flops. Taken with a Samsung NX2000.

Thanks or no thanks to Pinterest, I’ve rediscovered crochet, something I used to associate with outdated gigantic lacey piano covers and ugly shawls.

First crochet in the blue yarn.

First crochet in the blue yarn. Taken with iPad mini.

Well, that’s cos the shawl I first made as a kid was ugly, with tension that was all over the place so that the shawl, while nominally a triangle, was rather misshapen.

Since then I’ve discovered that crochet is a really useful skill to have.

Dusting off my long forgotten knowledge with helpful articles on crochet basics, I have rediscovered its uses.

Something simple to start off, I was given a pair of bright flip flops and I thought I’d decorate them.

I took the tutorial from this really helpful site.

I bought cheap acrylic yarn from Daiso because I didn’t want to risk spoiling more expensive ones and also I anticipate the flip flops will get a lot of wear.

Freshly completed Flip Flops.

Freshly completed Flip Flops. Taken with iPad mini.

The yarn is really colourful and suits the bright flip flops.

I took the flower pattern from this site and worked them in two colours.

I’ve just made a pair of bright yellow flip flops even more insanely colourful! I’m not sure how long they’ll last though.



  1. petalstopicots

    They came out great!

  2. kkkoh

    Thanks. Your patterns are very inspiring.

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