How do I post something?

If you see the toolbar on top of the window, just click “New Post” at the top right hand corner.

Now that you are on this page, you can also click on THIS LINK.

Either way, you will be brought to a page for adding new posts. Just type in the title in the box which says “Enter title here”. Then type in your story in the bigger box below.

To add pictures, place the cursor where the picture is to be inserted and then click the first icon to the right of the “Upload/Insert” label just above the big box where you’d typed in the story itself.

A dialog box appears for you to add a picture. You can enter an URL for a picture that you’ve seen on the Web, or upload one from your computer’s hard disk.

If you want to use a picture that’s already in Mama Times, you can choose it from the Media Library.

A few things to help make your story more searchable and attractive:

  1. Add an excerpt for the story. Otherwise the first line or so of your main text will be used as the excerpt that appears on the Home page listing.
  2. Upload a picture and set it as the Featured Image. This image will appear together with the excerpt in the Home page of Mama Times.
  3. Select one or more categories for your story.
  4. Select one or more tags from the existing tags, or add your own tags.

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